Remapping variable

What is the purpose of remapping? 

Thanks to this variable you are able to take any attribute from the feed and rename it in bulk. This is ideal to use if you need to edit the names of your categories for individual price comparison shopping site, such as Heureka

Where can you find it?

Select Variables from the left menu. Then click +.


Then select the Remapping variable.Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-03-14_v_15.34.57.png

How can you use it? 

I'll show you how to rename categories in your feed to categories suitable for Heureka

1. Name the variable.
2. Select the input text, which is some attribute from our feed. In this case, we choose a category.
3. We can specify whether the content we map must match the exact attribute from the feed or whether it just needs to contain some of the text.
4. Here we enter the text/regular expression itself, which we rename as we need.
5. You can also import/export individual variable values, i.e. rows, from another CSV document. So you can prepare everything on the side. Alternatively, we can also deleteall rows when we need to clean up the values in them.

We can either import the rows themselves, write them manually or use the Prefill all variable values option. This will automatically fill the rows with the individual values of the variable. If you have a lot of categories, this is the ideal solution. Of course, you can delete and edit the rows. In addition, there is an option to Remap the remaining variable values to the text of your choice.

Once we complete the remapping of each category, we will see a preview of the result we get on the right. 


After we create the variable, a new, separate variable is created in the feed. Which means you are still able to work with the original "category" variable.

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