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Saved filters

What are saved filters used for? 

It often happens that you use a filter (condition) in campaigns, adgroups, feed exports and you still have to „click“ and set it up again, which can be unnecessarily lengthy. With saved filters, you can set everything up conveniently in one place and then use them anywhere. 

Plus, you can combine saved filters for more complex filtering. If new items appear in your data source that meet the condition of the created filter, they are automatically inserted into campaigns in which the filters are applied. You can work with filters in two ways. You can use them either as conditions with the "AND" operator or with the "OR" operator, giving you a really wide range of possibilities and combinations.


Where is it located?

In the left menu, select Saved filters. Then click on "Create new saved filter"


How can you use it? 

As an example, we will show how to set a filter for free delivery (Typical for "AND") and a combination of products with different price levels (Typical for "OR"). First, name the filter and create a condition. In this imaginary e-shop I have free delivery for all products over 50 EUR. This is how I set the condition.

You can save your choice straight away:Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-05-12_v_15.33.57.png or you can create additional filters. You can also see how many products you have conditionally selected, or there is also a preview at the bottom where you can see the specific products you have selected:


Now we will show how to set up a filter for combinations of products with different price levels. We have saved the free shipping filter and will add another one using +.

First, we select Vans products that cost more than EUR 50.

Then there are Nike products, for more than 100 EUR.


And Converse:
Then we create another filter, which will consist of a combination of existing filters, thus creating one unique filter:

We have now created filters for individual brands and their price levels. At the same time we want to select only products that have free delivery. We have already saved this filter as well. So now we just need to combine them:

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