Data enrichment

Feed Scraper Lite

What is it?

If you need to enrich your existing feed with information that is on a specific page of your website, such as a price level for free shipping or current promotions, Feed Scraper Lite offers the perfect solution. It belongs to our Data Enrichment group and allows you to scrape just one URL at a time to supplement your data feed completely free of charge. Plus, as a user, you can take advantage of an unlimited number of Lite scrapers. 

If you would like to download the data for each item separately from its website, try our Feed scraper enrichment.

Where is it located? 

In your data feed, select Scraper Lite from the right menu.


How can you use it?

As an example, we have a situation where we have a feed but it doesn't contain information about the current action on a specific product category. 
To get this action into our feed, we can use Feed Scraper Lite, which will serve us perfectly in this case. 

1.) Let's open Scraper Lite
2.) Name the scraper and fill in the URL of the page we want to get the information from.

3.) Now comes the actual information from the URL of the page. We can either get this using CSS selectors or you can use our Scraper wizard, which allows you to select the CSS selectors visually and simply click on what you need. 

4.) The moment you open the Scraper wizard, you will be taken to a visual preview of the URL of the page you used. Here you can simply select whether you want to get text, an image, or a link. You select the element itself by clicking on it in the preview. Next, you need to name the element and determine if you want to save it as a whole field or if you want to get only certain elements from it. You can then check in section 5. what all is actually added to the feed. Once you have selected everything you need, save and close it.

We can see that the variable we created in the Wizard has been written into the CSS selector form on the page.
In case you are having trouble retrieving information from the page, your site probably needs javascript to render the content, so you can use the browser to load the content. 


5.) To create a new enrichment for your feed using Scraper Lite, click the Create Linked Data Feed button.

There is a preview of all your created Scraper Lite feeds in the app, among other things, you can either edit or delete them using the three dots.

Finally, in the Products tab, we have the option to see that the individual scraped variables have actually made it into the feed, so we can work with themfurther. 

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