Feed Scraper - pricing

How does it work?

Price calculation for Feed scraper:

When determining the price for using the Feed scraper function, it is important to keep in mind that the Feed scraper is charged according to the web domains used for which it is used.

Feed scraper = domain

Thus, 1x Feed scraper = 1x domain up to the third-order (everything behind https up to the first slash in the domain)

What does this mean for me in practice? and are two feed scrapers = two domains
the same is true for third-order domains:, - they are taken as two domains.


How does the price list for Feed scraper work:

Feed scraper pricing is based on the principle of tariffs (levels), which are defined by the number of domains used. So if you as a user start using more than 1 feed scraper, you automatically move to the tariff of up to 5 domains. Find out your price with our price list


Method of invoicing
For what period will Dotidot bill me?

The invoice for the Feed Scraper will always come back to you for the calendar month.

The price of the tariff on which the invoiced amount will be based will be determined on the basis of the highest number of scrapped domains in a given month.


Will the number of scrapped items affect the final price of the Feed Scraper?

No, the number of items does not affect the final price. The calculation of the price for the use of scraper is based on the number of individual domains and the specific number of items (within one domain) has no effect on the amount.



Can I create multiple sources from one domain? And will it affect the price?

You can create multiple data sources from one Feed scraper (ie from one domain). In this case, Dotidot still follows the rules of using one domain and this number will not affect the final amount you pay for the Feed scraper.


TIP: So what feeds can you create within one price per Feed Scraper if you still use a single domain?

- Filtered data source

- Grouped data source

- Brand new data source (eg one product, the other categorical)


How does payment work if I manage a main organization or sub-organization in Dotidot?

Consolidated * organizations

If you start using Feed scraper on consolidated sub-organizations, one tariff amount (number of domains) applies to all these consolidated organizations. One tariff can therefore be used for more consolidated sub-organizations.

Non-consolidated ** organization

If you start using a Feed scraper in one organization that also invoices separately, the number of Feed scrapers is tied only to that organization and cannot be transferred to other organizations within the account. Ie. if you still have a reserve in the number of domains, you only have them at this organization.


* Consolidated organization: It is a sub-organization that is included under the main (parent) organization. The parent organization pays for this sub-organization.


** Non-consolidated organization: It is an organization that pays for Dotidot functions for itself.


How do I stop using the Feed scraper?

A) On the Data Sources page, use the green button in front of the data source name. Use this button to activate/deactivate a specific feed.

B)Removing the Feed scraper

This option is only available if the Feed scraper is not used in Feed exports or Dotidot campaigns.


TIP: Do not delete the feed scraper. It is better to pause the generation of the Feed scraper, so you can return to the settings at any time and reactivate the scraper.


How are Feed Scrapers charged after they are turned off? What will you bill me?

The minimum notice period for the termination of the Feed Scraper is set at a calendar month. So if you turn off all your Feed scrapers in the middle of the month, you will be charged for this period (calendar month) in the same way as if you used the whole month (period) for Feed Scrapers.


TIP: If you have already started another calendar month, use the Feed scraper this whole month as well and direct the end of its use to the end of the period (month).


I want to update my Feed Scrapers more than just 4x times a day. What should I do?

To increase the number of updates to your Feed Scrapers, please visit the pricing page on our website. 



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