Synchronization - pricing

I want to increase synchronization for:

  • Feed Scraper

  • Feed Exports

  • Image editor in feed exports

How much will I pay?

Setting the price is based on two factors:

- Number of items in all active data sources (in the calculation we count on the highest achieved number of items)
- Number of required data updates (synchronizations) per day (8x, 12x, 24x)

Based on this information, we will charge you a fee according to the valid price list.

What are active data sources?

When calculating the price for increasing the number of daily synchronizations, we work with the number of ALL items in your active data sources.

This is the number of input data (items) in the feeds that are used:

A) In at least one active campaign in Dotidot
B) In active Feed export

Where do I find the synchronization? 

In the left menu there is a tab "subscription", in which there is a section "service" - here you will find the set number of synchronizations.


Will increasing the number of syncs also affect my running Search or Display campaigns?

This price list of synchronizations is valid only for Feed exports, Feed Scraper and Image editor in Feed Exports.

Changing the number of syncs for Search or Smart campaigns includes a valid price list on the Dotidot website.

If in doubt, contact

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