Feed exports - pricing

How does it work?

Calculation of the number of items:

Your price is determined by the achieved level of the number of items in the price list table.
The level of items you will fall into is determined based on all the totals in your active feed exports throughout the Dotidot organization (or sub-organizations in the case of a consolidated invoice).

What is an active Export:

A) active in the Dotidot application - section "Feed exports"


B) downloaded via URL in the last 3 days



What if I create another feed export that contains the same items from my main data source? (Duplicate items)

If you create any new feed export (regardless of its type: Heureka, Idealo, Google Merchant Center, etc.), these items are added to your existing tariff. When you exceed this tariff, you automatically get to a higher price list level.

It doesn't matter if there are the same products (ids) or not. Once you create any type of feed export, these items are counted in the total number of items. Calculate your price according to our pricing



Method of invoicing

For what period will Dotidot bill me?

-The invoice for Feed exports will always come back to you for the calendar month.
-The price of the tariff from which the invoiced amount will be based will be determined on the basis of the highest number of active items achieved, which we will detect in a given month in Dotidot Feed exports.


How do I stop using Feed Exports?

A) On the Feed export page, use the green button in front of the export name. 


B)Delete Feed Export



TIP: Do not delete feed exports. It is better to pause the generation of the Feed export, so you can return to the settings at any time and reactivate the Feed export.


How are Feed exports charged after they are turned off? What will you bill me?

The minimum notice period for the termination of Feed exports is set at a calendar month. So if you turn off all your feed exports in the middle of the month, you will be charged for this period (calendar month) in the same way as if you used the whole month (period) for Feed exports.


TIP: If you have already started another calendar month, use Feed exports this whole month as well and direct the end of their use to the end of the period (month).


I want to update my Feed Exports more than just 4x times a day. What should I do?

To increase the number of updates to your Feed exports, please see our price list.

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