Use case

Use case - Google Sheet - actions at category level

Enriching the feed with marketing actions at category level:

Actions can be used at different levels. For example:

A) Action at category level

B) Category+product level actions

C) Actions at category+product level


A) Actions at category level


1) Create a Google Sheet, we will use this one in this example.

Which columns to use?

ID - Dotidot needs an ID in each resource. Here, only line numbering has been used.
Category - we will use this to match the action to the main feed.
Start of action - must be in date format - currently only the format "2021-07-28".
End of action - must be in date format - currently only "2021-07-28" format.

2) Connect the Google Sheet to the main feed

We can connect the Google Sheet to any source (XML, CSV, GMC, GA, Scraper, different Google Sheet, ...)

  • After opening the main feed, select Google Sheet in the left panel under Data Enrichment.
  • We will create a new link according to the template:


  • The values in the mapping must always match.
  • If the values need to be cleaned up, you can use the option "edit identifier value".
  • Next, we select the columns we want to add.
  • In the right column we ca see a preview of the values that have been merged.

3) Use enrichment in advertising

- Variant of the ad with active action


Create the first ad with the condition "action in progress" and use the variables from the Action Add-in Sheet.

The "action in progress" condition is currently created in the following way:

  • Start of action - Before - 0 days
  • AND
  • End of action - After - 0 days



- Ad variant without action


Then, in the same branch, create a second ad that is without the condition and does not use the variables from the action. That means, the product will pass this variant whenever it does not have an active action.

- Preview of ads


In the ad preview, it looks like this:

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