Data enrichment

Google Sheet

Do you have additional data in the spreadsheet? Thanks to Google Sheet Enrichment, you can enrich your data source with new attributes. For example, you can enrich your feed with margin groups or work with marketing actions. 

Google sheet importer can only import sheets that have Google Spreadsheet format. Other files and spreadsheets that you upload, for example Officedocument.spreadsheet will not work.

If you look at the drive, other formats have a different icon, so it's easy to recognize:
Google spreadsheet:


Other format: 

So if you don't see your sheet in your feed or enrichment, check your format. If it's not a Google spreadsheet, you can use convertor here.

Here we will give illustrative examples of how Google Sheet enrichment can be used:

Enriching a source with margin at the category level

Google Sheets link setup:



Link preview:



Source preview:




Use case 2:

- Actions at category level


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