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Data explorer

What is data explorer? 

Data exploration is used to better explore the data source, allowing you to examine the data in one place. Exploring by dimension (mostly texts e.g. Brand, Category ) or perhaps a combination of both with descriptive statistics on price, stock or keyword length, allows you to create a meaningful campaign structure. This research would otherwise have to be done in a different, less convenient way (e.g. in MS Excel), which can be difficult to do with large data sets.

Where is it located?

1. Open the products in your data source.

2. In the top right corner, select:

How can it be used?

The aforementioned breakdown by a combination of multiple dimensions (e.g. Brand + Category) allows you to view, for example, the price range and the number of products.Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-05-12_v_17.03.52.png

Dotidot evaluates all numeric metrics (numeric values such as price, discount) according to the data source used and suggests them as a quick choice option.
However, you can use a lot of metrics, for example, you can find out the average number of characters in a product name with a few clicks, and you can also do that on category + brand level.
This will allow you to conveniently see where you need to adjust the number of characters if you are fro example restricted.

Dimensions and metrics can be combined with each other, making the range of possibilities really large. It is also possible to download the generated data as a CSV file.Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-05-12_v_17.09.53.png

Of course, there is also a basic filter, which allows you to compare, for example, only selected brands or only products in stock.Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-05-12_v_17.10.24.png 

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