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Scraper wizard

From the previous article, we already know how the Feed scraper works. Thanks to the wizard option, which you can find in the Additional variables section, you don't have to choose CSS selectors from the source URL, but simply click on the attributes from the visual preview of your page.



After clicking on Use Scraper wizard, you will see a window with a preview of the page you entered. Here you can select the attributes that your new feed will contain with a simple click. Thera are two ways how to select desired atributes:

A: In the preview on the right you can see what data will be copied to the feed. Remember to name your new variable correctly. If you want to select more attributes, click on Save and continue.

B: If, for example, your preview contains a drop-down menu from which you cannot select all the necessary attributes with a simple click, you can switch from the image preview to the text preview, which will be displayed without any formatting. Then proceed with the selection in the same way as for point A.


After saving, you will clearly see the attributes you have chosen in the previous step. If you are satisfied with your settings, select the Add data source option.

As soon as a new source is generated (the time depends on the amount of scrapped data), you will see in the overview all products that meet the conditions you have specified.







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