Campaign Overview

Click the ‘Product campaigns’ tab to be able to create a new campaign or to see all your campaigns, sorted alphabetically. The overview shows you the data source from which a particular campaign gains data, how many products a campaign contains when it was created and last synchronized or edited, and which ad systems run it.

You can look up individual campaigns (1.) or use the switcher (3.) next to the search box to filter out only the active ones, i.e. where synchronization is turned on.  You can also filter your campaigns according the type (2.).

In the menu you can also edit the campaign (4.), generate campaign (5.), synchronised it (6.), duplicate it (7.) or delete it (8.).

In case you need to duplicate any campaign to another organization, please, contact our support via chat or via email at

In the right bottom corner, you can set how many rows will be displayed on the page.

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