What are Sitelinks?

Sitelinks are actually extension links that can be used to extend standard advertising. Often, links to more specific subpages of a website are added in this way to bring the target user closer to their destination and also to give them more information about what else is hidden on the site.

Where do i find them?

When we are directly in our campaign, we choose Sitelinks in the right menu. We can also set whether we want to synchronize Sitelinks with Advertising Systems. And we can get started with the actual creation of the Sitelinks.

The Sitelinks can be set at two levels:

The key difference is of course that campaign-level Sitelink applies to the entire campaign and adgroup-level Sitelink applies only to adgroups. If there are Sitelinks on both the campaign and the adgroup, the ones on the adgroup take precedence over the ones on the campaign. Another difference is that at the adgorup level you can set conditions and you can use variables from the feed, so you can prepare variables in the feed that you then dynamically change as part of the sync, the setup with the variables can then look like this: 

The setup interface itself is practically the same for both variants, of course with the aforementioned differences in the use of variables and filtering. 
1. Choose the advertising system you want to send Sitelinks to.
2. Enter the Sitelink itself using the Title, URL, or First and Second lines of the Sitelink.
3. You can also set up your own UTM Parameters to help measure campaign performance. However, this needs to be enabled in the ad system first.
4. For adgroup Sitelinks, you can set conditions.
5. And finally, a time limit, which allows you to specify when Sitelink starts and stops.

On the right you can see a preview of Sitelink. 


And you're done. Now you know how to set up Sitelinks to increase the chances of success for your ads. And we're keeping our fingers crossed that it works! 
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