Pricing and billing

Payment methods

Bank transfer

If you choose to pay via bank transfer, you will receive an email with an attached proforma with all the payment details. Once we receive the payment, an invoice will be sent to you.

The proforma can be also found in Dotidot where you can download it. After payment, the proforma will be changed into the invoice.


ATTENTION! If the proforma is not paid within 14 days of receiving it, synchronization of your account will be paused.

Credit card

Once we receive your credit card payment, an email with the invoice will be sent to you. You only need to fill in your credit card details once. Dotidot will take care of the rest and automatically withdraw the sum for the particular period.


ATTENTION! It may happen that after filling in your credit card details, the application will notify you that the credit card details are invalid. It’s likely that the card is valid, the details were entered correctly, and that there are sufficient funds on the card. The error appears because at Dotidot we use the highest level of security for credit card payments and unfortunately not every bank supports this system. In such case, please choose the payment method via bank transfer.

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