Hiding variables

To make the application as clear as possible for you, you can hide variables you don't need with one click. You can do this modification at different levels, and we'll illustrate the effect these options have. 

Where can I hide variables?

Select "Variables" from the left menu, and you will see all your variables, whether they are source created or custom variables created in Dotidot. You will see green buttons, and these are the switches that allow you to hide variables. 



What effect do the buttons have?

As we've already covered, variables can be hidden at different levels: 

  • Visible in product grid
  • Visible in product list
  • Visible in forms

We will use the Brand variable as an example:



Visible in product grid:Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-03-21_v_10.44.05.png

This option will hide the variable in the grid view of the products, it is located here:Sni_mek_obrazovky_2023-03-21_v_10.44.55.png



Visible in product list:

This option will hide the variable in a product list view of the products, this is the view that most users use and is located here: 

Visible in forms:

This option will hide the variable in case you want to use it when creating ad text, structures, the variables themselves, and in short, anything where you can insert variables:



It's worth noting that, for example, the product_id cannot be hidden in product list view because it is a unique column that is the basis of every item in the feed. 


Hopefully this help will shed some light on how to use these options and make using Dotidot more enjoyable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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