Data Sources

Data Source

A feed is a data file that contains information about the goods being sold. It tends to be located somewhere online – like this, for example:

Data sources that can be used in Dotidot can have different formats – XML and CSV are the most common. However, if you don't have any of these, you can connect a Google Sheets file or your Google Merchant Center account.

Different advertising systems have different requirements in terms of what a feed is supposed to look like. Dotidot import, however, is compatible with most data sources used by other systems (e.g. Google Merchant, Double Click…). A Dotidot data feed must contain this information: product_id or item_id, i.e. an identifier, and of course a URL and a name.

Of all things, product_id (a unique product number or code) and URL (the address of a product’s details) are absolutely vital.

You can use an existing source for Dotidot, like the one you upload to Google Merchant, Heureka, or Zboží.cz.

Here you can see what a data source for the advertising systems mentioned above should look like:

However, Dotidot allows users to upload any XML, CSV or Google Sheets file.

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