Getting started with Dotidot

What is Dotidot and What It’s Good For

Are you creating online ads manually? Do you do repetitive work? Do you lack a tool for truly strategic campaign management? Then Dotidot is for you. 


Dotidot stands on three imaginary pillars.

1.) You can manage campaigns for all advertising systems from one place.

Thanks to this, you can save hours of time and create bulk adgroups using variables from your data source, schedule ads to run by time period, and much more.

2.) Manage Facebook dynamic ads and Image editor.

This allows you to have unique creatives on Facebook that are automatically populated with data from your data source, making them stand out from the competition.

3.) Advanced data source management.

Whether it's Data Enrichment, where you can enrich your data source with variables from other data sources or from a separate Google Sheet, or Feed Exports, where you can easily transform your data source into a format suitable for dozens of advertising platforms and comparison shopping engines.


And of course, we also think about those who do not have their own data source or it is inappropriately structured. For those, there is our Feed Scraper, which can create a data feed itself based on the sitemap from your site.

We're constantly expanding and improving our app because our long-term goal is to allow you to manage all your campaigns from one place. From Dotidot.


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