Manual structure of DPA campaigns

What is it?

Manual structure is perfect if you want to be able to set any conditions for individual ad sets.


How can i use it?

When creating a Facebook campaign, you can decide what structure you want to use. Here we will show you the manual structure. You can then set up the other necessary elements of the campaign.

First, you set the budget. This is where you decide if you will use a campaign budget and set the bid strategy and delivery type for it. If you don't choose this option, the campaign will use a budget at the ad sets level. 

Now you can proceed to the creation of the ad campaign.

1. First, name your campaign.
2. If you have chosen the "use campaign budget" option, create it here.
3. You can use the time restriction to specify the time period the campaign will be displayed.
4. Of course, you can also filter the products and only include what you really want in the campaign.

A preview is then prepared and loaded so you can check all the products that will be included in the campaign. Now there is nothing left to do but press the "Create Facebook campaign" button.

Now it's time to create your first ad sets and set their properties.


In your ad set create a budget (if you are not using a campaign budget):


Then select an audience to target. Choose from Retarget or Prospect:


Then you can choose a placement where you choose between an automatic option or you can set your own placement manually:

And the last setting is related to Optimization & Delivery: 

Now all you have to do is save and continue to create your ad. 


To inspire you to work with Facebook in the app, we have prepared an instructional video on how to use Facebook in combination with the Image Editor:


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