How to create new DPA campaign

Want to automate Facebook campaigns? Do this. In order to create a new campaign, you need to go to the list of campaigns and click on the '+' button here.

Then a pop-up window will open with a menu of supported campaign types. Click on the ' Facebook Dynamic Product Ads  Campaign' tile.

In the campaign setup, name your campaign, select the data source you want to work with, and link your Facebook account. Then you can play around with Advantage campaign budget - Bid strategy and Delivery type. You can also use the time restrictions. Once you have everything ready, you can save the settings.


Then you can choose if you want to create new catalog or use existing one. When you create new, you just need to name it. But when you use existing one, you can choose from all the catalogs connected to your Dotidot Account.




Now is the time to choose products. Choose the conditions according to which you will determine which products you will have in your FB catalog, that Dotidot will create in your Business Manager. Confirm your choice with the "save product selection" button.



Catalog mapping

Convert your data source to Facebook catalog format with Feed mapping. Thanks to our mapping, you can easily match your existing catalog to the required attributes for Business Manager using variables. Selected attributes are paired automatically. These pre-filled fields need to be checked to see if they meet your requirements. You can also match the attributes you select that you need for your dynamic product campaigns.


Thanks to the feed created by the mapping, you will be able to use all the functions of our Image Editor for your ads.


Choose how to display products in each ad type.


Then fill in the required and optional attributes that your feed will contain.




In the preview, you will see the products that you have paired. If you are satisfied with the selection of products, click 'Save' to save the selection.

Product sets

Next come the product sets. Here you can create sets of products you want to advertise on. So we'll try out targeting Brands, Categories and our Bestsellers for example.



Here we can already see the sets we've created and you can move, duplicate and edit them as you like.


Once you've created these sets, they'll also be created in the feed itself where you can find all your sets of your campaigns from given feed under Saved filters. Here you can edit them and make other changes.



Campaigns & Ad sets

Ad campaign:

You can crate your Ad campaign in the most simple way possible. 

When you create your first ad campaign, you can of course name it and then choose your campaign budget. 


When you want to create another Ad campaign, you will get the same options as before, but you can use your existing budget that you created before. Or of course you can create a new one. 


Ad set: 

As you finished your Ad campaign creation, you can then create your Ad sets: 


When crating your Ad set, you can choose one of the product sets that you created earlier or you can create new one. You can also edit the ones you already created. 

Then there is Audiences. We tried to make it as simple as possible, so you can select Retageting and Prospecting, which is pretty standard. But you can Also select your already created Ad sets that you make earlier and the products will be pulled from that Ad set: 

Then you can choose your Locations: 


And detailed targeting: 

You can also choose Automatic or Manual Placements: 

And of course also your Optimization for Ad Delivery options: 

Now once again, the simpler the better, so you can create your Ads right here: 


The setup is ver easy, just name your Ad and select Facebook + Instagram (if you have both) accounts. Then you can choose which creative you want to use (You can also use your Image Editor) and fill out content of the Ad. 


Be aware that only one Ad set can be chosen for Advantage+ Creative. 

But in Single and Carousel Ads you can have multiple Ads.

Now as you can see we have 3 Ads here: 



Now when you create a new Ad set, you can choose your Audiences, Placements, Optimization & Delivery and your Ads from those that you created earlier. So you dont have to go thru the whole process again. But of course you can create a new ones too. 



You can then play with your Ad sets - Edit them, Move them to different campaigns and duplicate them: 


You can then Synchronize and you are done with your first campaign:


Shared Catalog: 

And now the fun part. When you are finished with your campaign, you can also duplicate it right away and make for example Prospecting campaign: 


When you check Catalog Mapping in your duplicated campaign, you can see that your Facebook catalog is shared with it. 


Now, every time you create a Facebook campaign, you will have the option to select this catalog and duplicate its settings:


To inspire you to work with Facebook in the app, we have prepared an instructional video on how to use Facebook in combination with the Image Editor:




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