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A dashboard is a feature that tells you whether an issue occurred, or if everything is all right, giving you comprehensive knowledge of what’s going on within the app. And, what’s more, it’s the place in the app where you are redirected right after signing in, so you don’t miss anything important ever again. Let's see what pieces of information does it provide to you.

Score and tips for improvements 

The score is the very first tile you see after opening the dashboard. It’s one of three tiles (next to Tuner Tips and Notifications) you’ll find both at the level of the entire organization, and at the level of individual campaigns. It informs you about the degree to which your campaigns are complete, whether they happen to be missing something, or which trick and settings would help you get more out of them.


Upon clicking on the line with the number of recommendations, a window pops up, containing individual tips for steps of action. From there, a single click takes you to particular settings.


Tuner Tips

Tuner recommendations are now more visible and available—the tile shows you the number of recommendations and the amount of money you can save by approving them. Here, too, a click takes you to the Tuner interface where you can either confirm or decline the recommendations.



This is the place where you find out about any possible issues with importing items from your data source, or with linking ad systems. Moreover, Enterprise level subscribers see warnings here—those inform you, for example, that there has been a marked decrease in feed items.


Items timeline

A simple chart tells you how many items there are in your item organization, as well as their development over time. The chart tile contains two tabs. The first chart shows you the overall number of items, how many are being actively advertised, and the amount of those which are inactive.


The second tab displays more detailed information—how many new items have been added to sources, updated, left unchanged or removed from data sources altogether.


Subscription usage

This tile gives you information on whether or not you are utilizing the potential of your subscription to the fullest, or if you are perhaps approaching its limits. A single click takes you to its administration.


ATTENTION! This tile won't be displayed in consolidated suborganizations.

Activity history

This chart tells you how many changes have been made to the organization over the past 7 days. A click takes you to a list of specific changes—you’ll see who made the change, what said the change was, and when it was made.



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