DSA campaigns

DSA campaigns

If you’d like to quickly and easily cover the entire range of goods your e-shop has on offer, DSA (dynamic search ads) campaigns are the way to go. The only two things you need to do by yourself are coming up with the caption and setting the final URL. Google takes care of the rest—going through your website and finding matches between the searched phrases and your website’s content. Relevant keywords are then generated by Google, and the same goes for the headline.

If you never had the opportunity to learn about DSA, read more on our blog.

In a nutshell—why should you choose Dotidot for your DSA? 

  • Due to automatic synchronizations, the app reflects changes in campaign structures, based on changes in the data feed;
  • For each product or product group, ad texts can be tailor-made and CPC set according to relevant rules;
  • Easy integration with ad customizers;
  • Fine-tuning DSA campaigns with a couple of clicks as changes can be made globally.

Depending on whether you’d like to target a specific product or a product group, you can create two types of DSA campaigns with Dotidot:

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